Tuesday, April 25, 2017

The Promise 2017 Film

The Promise


“The Promise” officially open in theaters Friday April 21st. But on IMDb, a website where people can rate movies, the film has received more than 120,000 ratings — nearly 62,000 of them the lowest: one-star before the movie had even been released.
The ratings have nothing to do with the quality of the film, as it’s almost certain that most people haven’t seen the movie yet. Instead, a group of Internet trolls gathering on a Turkish message board decided to try sinking “The Promise” with bad reviews.
The film — starring Charlotte Le Bon, Christian Bale and Oscar Isaac, and directed by Terry George of “Hotel Rwanda” fame — focuses on a fictional love-triangle between the main characters. Two of the characters play Armenians, while the other plays an American photojournalist.
That sounds like standard silver screen fare, but it’s set against the backdrop of the mass killing of an estimated 1.5 million Armenians in the final years of the Ottoman Empire, beginning in 1915. Worldwide, at least 26 countries recognize the deaths as genocide, a term coined in the 1940s by Polish lawyer Raphael Lemkin, who investigated the massacre, to describe the deliberate attempt to exterminate groups.
To Armenians, Americans of Armenian heritage and Turks, the facts and especially the nomenclature are deeply emotional issues. Turkey has long argued that the deaths were not genocide, the death toll has been inflated and that the casualties were victims of civil war and unrest. It’s a crime in Turkey, called “insulting Turkishness,” to “even raise the issue of what happened to the Armenians,” according to the New York Times.
To keep its NATO ally Turkey happy, the United States has referred to the deaths as “atrocities,” but stopped short of calling them a genocide. President Obama had promised to change that before being elected president, saying in 2008 that “the Armenian genocide is not an allegation, a personal opinion or a point of view, but rather a widely documented fact supported by an overwhelming body of historical evidence.”
He didn’t keep that promise.

The inevitable controversy over the film surfaced when word of its upcoming release spread to a Turkish message board similar to America’s mischief-making 4chan or its more mainstream cousin Reddit.
There, users decided to flood IMDb’s rating system with one-star reviews, hoping to tank the movie before it came out. (IMDb is owned by Amazon. Jeffrey P. Bezos, the chief executive of Amazon, owns The Washington Post.)
One user’s comment, roughly translated by the Hollywood Reporter, read, “Guys, Hollywood is filming a big movie about the so-called Armenian genocide and the trailer has already been watched 700k times. We need to do something urgently.”
As final credits rolled during the movie’s September premiere at the Toronto Film Festival, it was already among the worst rated movies on IMDb.
“All I know is that we were in about a 900-seat house with a real ovation at the end, and then you see almost 100,000 people who claim the movie isn’t any good,” producer Mike Medavoy told the Hollywood Reporter.
At one point, the film had a 1.8 star rating on IMDb, placing it in the company of the 10 lowest-rated films on the entire website. The lowest rated film on IMDb with 1.4 stars is “Code Name: K.O.Z.,” a fictional account of the 2013 Turkish government corruption scandal
Some of these raters left short reviews. “The movie based on a lie so you know what to expect,” read one. “I fell for the positive reviews without realising they are written by armenians to push their political agenda on unsuspecting movie goers,” read another.
This is far from the first time Internet trolls with a political point-of-view have mobilized to offer a low star rating to a piece of entertainment. Both Amy Schumer’s book and latest stand-up special were targeted by members of r/the_donald, a subreddit purportedly composed of President Trump supporters.
Men, meanwhile, gave overwhelmingly low reviews to the female-led “Ghostbusters” reboot last summer, throwing the averages “completely out of whack,” as The Washington Post reported.
It’s difficult to ascertain if the ratings have any actual effect on the eventual sales. They ostensibly exist to help consumers sort through their many options, though some bloggers have claimed there isn’t a correlation between reviews and box office sales.
In Schumer’s case, the uninformed reviews led to negative publicity — such as the piece “Amy Schumer’s Netflix Special Slammed By Users: ‘She’s Lost Herself’” on Yahoo and “Amy Schumer’s ‘Leather Special’ Is Getting Overwhelmingly Negative Reviews From Netflix Subscribers” on Decider — both of which announced the special’s low ratings without the context of where many of them originated.
But there’s no doubt that user-generated, starred reviews are proving to be increasingly useless.
Friday’s release of “The Promise” falls just before the annual Armenian remembrance day of the mass killings, which is Monday.

“The Armenians were killed by their own government, not by the enemy, and they were killed in this systematic way that became the legal definition of the word,” said George, the film’s director.

Monday, March 20, 2017

Recall Alert: Gerber Pasta Pick Ups

Recall Alert: Gerber Pasta Pick Ups

Recall Front Label Gerber Pasta Pick ups Cheese Ravioli

If your children are into these things and they have an egg allergy, however, you’re gonna want to toss them. Because Gerber recently issued a recall of its cheese raviolis since some of the packages were mislabeled.
Here’s what you need to know: According to the company, the Cheese Ravioli Pasta Picks Ups contain egg, even though the ingredient is not listed in the “Contains” statement on the label. As a precautionary measure, Gerber has voluntarily removed the product from retail and online stores until labels are updated. But if your little one has an egg allergy, you should check your kitchen cabinets and pantry for the item ASAP.
Recall Gerber Pasta Cheese Ravioli Ingredients

Monday, March 13, 2017

Free - Prenatal Yoga

Free - Prenatal Yoga

Are you pregnant? Do you know anyone that is currently pregnant? Well, I came across this great news for all Kaiser Permanente Members. There are free Prenatal Yoga Classes for you? I think every one should be able to take free prenatal yoga .... just saying.....

Here is the information I found for you all... save it for yourself for your future pregnancy... current pregnancy or for a pregnant friend.

"Take the time to center, connect and focus on yourself and your baby. Stretch and soothe your sore back, shoulders and legs. Learn to relax breathe and meditate in preparation for the big day. No yoga experience is necessary, but if you practice yoga regularly, you'll love our challenging modified poses. This class is specially deigned by Oh Baby! Fitness is cooperation with Kaiser Permanente. MUST BE A KAISER PERMANENTE MEMBER TO ATTEND."

Thursday, March 9, 2017

"Mom's Night Out" The Movie

Hi Fellow Mommies,

So today I am sick at home... YEA ME!!!

I came across the movie "Moms' Night Out".... if you haven't seen it you should... omg you totally understand what she is feeling because you feel that way everyday also.

In the movie the stay at home mom does everything and its what she wanted. Husband, kids, the family and to be able to stay at home and she is a Mommy Blogger.

So yea ... so here I am... looking at this movie and going omg this movie is about my life menus all three kids. I just have one for now. But yes all I wanted was a husband and loving kids and to be able to stay home and take care of my children. When I was pregnant I hated the idea that I would have to leave my son and go to work. I was thinking of the things that I would miss out on doing with my son. I wouldn't be able to take him to all this great places like, mommy and me classes, parks, zoos and etc. I was reading about how to raise a child and all the things you can do like teach them sign language so its easier for them to communicate until they are able to talk... teach them how to potty so we wouldn't use diapers.....

well now you ask me what did I do...

I did stay at home and not be gone 11 hours of the day to be with my son....

Do we go on walks in the morning in the nice fresh air..... nope

Do we go to the dog park that is just a block away... nope

Do we go to mommy and me classes.... nope

Did I teach my son sign language.... nope

Did I start potty training.... nope

I did none of the things I had planned to do ..... I get excited when we are out of pjs by the afternoon...

oooooooo..... I need to start doing the things I had planned in my head....

but you know its freaken hard... this mommy business is not easy and to all those females who have more then one small child or twins... WOW... I don't know how you do it

In the beginning... I didn't have a set schedule... when we would sleep or when we would wake up.. it was more how the baby wants to do it.. then in the mornings my husband would go to work and it would just be me at home alone with a new born....

I wasn't able to go shower... I wasn't even able to go to the bathroom in peace unless the baby was asleep and still I would be so worried that the minute I went into the bathroom he was going to wake up and scream

and let me tell you my son is an easy going child but it was just so hard to figure out when to sleep and when to shower... everyone tells you to sleep when the baby sleep but if I slept when my baby slept I wouldn't be able to do anything and to make things even worse... my son wouldn't latch on so I would have to be pumping when he was asleep so when he wakes up he had milk to drink.... I did this more 3 months... 3 MONTHS... I felt like all I was doing was either pumping or feeding him that was it....

I was so against having your children eat junk food or having them watch YouTube or TV but now... with my picky eater its so hard that I can't always give him healthy foods... he does have the random junk (snacks) but still no chocolate ..... and when it comes to YouTube or TV... thats the only way I can shower... by having him strapped into his high chair with the iPad on in front of the bathroom door where I can see him

and going to bed early... doesn't happen... when he goes to sleep.. thats when I get me time... when I can finish washing the dishes and cleaning the mess he made... because trying to clean during the day is pointless..... nothing ever stays clean.... he is 14 months now so I do have to admit... things are getting easier... but sometimes us moms need a break... at least when I was working I would get my 15 minutes... I would use the bathroom in peace.... I would eat my lunch sitting down... and have a lunch

Everything takes so much longer to do now with a baby... but you know I love him... when he says "mama" when he looks at me and gives me the biggest smile... everything just goes away

Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Baby/Toddler Forumla

So my little man is already 1 and he is a picky eater so I have decided not to cut out formula yet. I feel that formula has a bit more nutrition in it then just milk.

I use to buy his formula from Germany. I used the Holle which I was very happy with. I noticed that Holle formula is very much like breast milk. Even his poop looked very close like breast milk formula.

For the first 4 months of little man's life he was breast feed until I had a very bad case of mastitis which I was hospitalized then I decided to change him to formula and we had no problem with Holle. He didn't complain and drank it like breast milk. I even ran out of Holle formula one time and my shipment hadn't arrived (it does take 3 weeks to come from Germany) I tried to give him Enfamil and he hated it. The minute it went into his mouth he would spit it out.

The only other formula my son would drink is Baby's Only. Which I am still giving him now. I switch between Baby's Only formula and Coconut Milk. I choice to give him coconut milk because it is higher in fat which my son needs to gain weight also I feel like it is better than any animal milk.


You can find Baby's Only Formula at any natural, organic grocery store or order online. I try to order everything online if I can. I have also found that sometimes you get a better deal online or the same and you don't even have to leave your house with a toddler. Every mom knows how hard it is to do anything for a toddler, especially grocery shopping. 

I order Baby's Only formula from VitaCost and I get free shipping and the same price as Whole Foods and sometimes they are on sale or I have promo codes and get it cheaper. On top of it all if I order before 1:00 pm I get it the next day. I don't believe the next day applies to every location but for my location it works.


Monday, March 6, 2017

Some Snacks My Picky Eater Enjoys


Friday, March 3, 2017

Free Museum Admission - Bank of America/Merril Lynch Cardholders

Free Museum Admission
Bank of America/Merril Lynch Cardholders

Bank of America

Bank of America and Merril Lynch Card Holders can receive free general admission to museums, zoos science centers, botanical gardens and more during the first full weekend of every month when you show your Bank of America Card.

Visit the link below for more details and updated listing of all locations.

Here is the link for the 2017 Participant Roster